1. Nice article, and agree that and that links and anchors are incredibly important. Also agree that that meta keywords are pretty pointless, and that meta descriptions should be considered as more of a means to write ‘copy’ to encourage users to click through, perhaps promoting sales or promotions as you suggest.

    However, I disagree with your comment about titles. I was under the impression that the use of keywords in titles has a very big effect on rankings. Am I wrong in thinking all search engines take them very seriously?

    1. Thanks Alan! And thanks for pointing this out, as I seem to have misspoken my point – my bad. In my experience the meta title is important, but more for describing a page’s contents to a reader. Having one that is keyword stuffed won’t turn the tide for a page’s rankings – there are other more important factors search engines will care about.

      So it’s sort of a chicken or the egg with title tags: Do keywords in title tags get you top rankings, or are top ranking pages so “about” that keyword phrase, they logically have the keyword in the title?

      I think it is the quality of the page content that gets a page top rankings, and having a title with the keyword in it usually makes sense because of the subject matter. For instance, if I wrote a content page all about Jack Benny, I’m almost sure to include his name in the title, which describes the page. But the title tag isn’t likely to get the page top ranking. The number of links I get from Jack Benny sites, with “Jack Benny” somewhere in the anchor text will.

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