Ciaoenrico’s Internet Marketing Slow Jam

Friday’s are crap days to post to a blog. The weekend’s coming up, plans are being made, work is getting ignored as fast as it can be so everyone can get out of the office… it’s the worst time to try and impart kernels of wisdom.

So I’m going to take a moment to be totally self-involved. If Andy Rooney can make it work – which is questionable, I know – then I can too. So here’s just a few things I want to get off my chest. Play the music first…

Astrud Gilberto – Goodbye Sadness (Tristeza)

Remember, Internet marketing is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re no fun to hear from.

Social media’s a lot more fun if you don’t think of it as being like high school.

Link marketing can be fun too. If you play your cards right, and you get 20 super high quality inbound links in a month, it’s a bigger high than finishing Grand Theft Auto will ever be – and a lot more productive.

Don’t spend every waking hour bookmarking articles, tweeting, blogging and podcasting. Go outside, go for a bike ride, play with your dog, make love to your significant other… if you don’t recharge the batteries, you won’t have any personality to share with anyone.

Oh, and when you do go outside, leave your Flip Video camera where it is. Sometimes it’s better if life isn’t always captured. You’ll thank me later.

Stop trying to get everyone you meet to join your favorite online website. It’s a drag.

Ditto on starting Linkedin Groups to pad out your resume. Weaksauce.

People weren’t put on this Earth to buy products from you. Sometimes they will, and sometimes they’ll put it off. If someone abandons their shopping cart, maybe ask once, but then leave them alone.

Always try to give people some kind of benefit for coming to your site. They’ll appreciate good advice or a swanky download a lot more than a landing page full of copy.

Stop working on an iPhone app just to score some cash. It’s a get-rich-quick scheme, and it looks douchey.

If the marketing strategy you’re using isn’t cutting it, stop what you’re doing and try something else. Maybe it does look bad to jump ship on an idea you thought was good – but it looks worse when you stay the course and drive the ship over a waterfall.

Avoid metaphors involving water craft.

I still maintain, people do not want you Tweeting positive self-help-like truisms about how to have a happy life. One or two are fine, but if you do it all the time people will ignore you. It’s just motivational speaking spam.

Write someone  a letter, on paper, with a pencil. Stick a stamp on it and mail it to someone. E-mails are handy, but letters are still the ultimate personal touch.

And remember, Internet marketing is supposed to be fun.


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