Wakoopa – A great site for finding tools and managing use

I’m always finding new sites for getting things done, or communicating with others, or simply for screwing around. Wakoopa is a bit of a mix of all of them.

Wakoopa Logo

What is Wakoopa? Simply put, it’s a collection of programs that people can review – think of it as Yelp for software. There is a tracker you can download, which I would like to point out is not required to use the site. If you want to keep them from monitoring you, you just leave it off. However, if you do install it, it keeps tabs on which programs you use and for how long. You can then look over reports on how much time you spend on the Internet, how much you spend gaming, doing office work… the programs are grouped into large segments to tell you what you tend to do, and for how many hours in the day.

Breaking it down, you can also see which specific programs and sites you use (Google, Office, Photoshop, Twitter,) and how many hours and minutes you spend specifically on each. If you think you’re not an Internet addict, Wakoopa can be a cold dose of reality for you.

Best of all, you can review products and sites, and get similar information from other users. (Hence the Yelp comparison.) I’ve found more than a few freeware and cloud programs from Wakoopa that I am really thankful for.

Even better, you get to write negative reviews. No, scratch that….

Even better, I GET TO WRITE VICIOUS REVIEWS. Like all people who used computers in the late 90s early 00s, I despise RealPlayer. If you haven’t experienced the joys of RealPlayer yourself, imagine a leech that not only drinks your blood, but also installs itself in place of all your other media-playing programs, the ones you actually do like. Then picture continuous pop-up ads, getting your browser hijacked, your system being slowed WAAAAAY down… I’m sure you’ve run into little gems like this yourself.

Well rather than hunt down the development team that ruined your day and cutting them into cubes with a meat saw, you can instead avoid prosecution and tell the world just how horrible their program is! Warn people off, make them aware of the skulduggery at work! (If you look at my review of RealPlayer on Wakoopa, you can see my handiwork. It was so satisfying.)

Finally, Wakoopa is technically a social network, you can meet people interested in the same areas as yourself and friend them. Let’s say you’re really getting into SlideShare. You can peruse the users, friend them, or even create a group of SlideShare users and pick their brains.

The networking aspect of Wakoopa, frankly, isn’t the greatest. It feels more like an afterthought, something else to do while looking at your own usage stats. Still, it is nice to be able to see what your followers are using. Usually it’s the best way to find out what’s new. Like I’ve said, I’ve found a LOT of new sites and programs and networks using Wakoopa, and this is how.

If you’re on FriendFeed, it’s one of the hallowed few networks you can hook up there as well. There isn’t a mobile app for it yet, but there are whispers in the wind about one in the near future.

If you give it a try, or you’re already on it, I’d love to hear your opinions as well!

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