Great Italian Television Commercials

The Italians really know television advertising. Italian filmmakers somehow manage to both make brilliant, artistic gems, but without abandoning the actual product to do so. Remember Ridley Scott’s now famous (formerly infamous) “1984” Apple commercial? It was a lot of production, but never showed the product – and only the narration at the end let you know it was even for the computer company. It ran during the Super Bowl, and got millions of viewers to ask, “huh?”

Here, the product isn’t in the way, only mentioned because the filmmaker has to, because the company is flipping the bill for their brilliance. Yet the final product in each case is also artistically unique – they aren’t by-the-numbers advertising done just to make a car payment.

Unfortunately in America, commercials are usually produced by the lowest nadir of creativity, or else by artists who have no sense of promotion. You only get greatness in a commercial when you find someone with both.

Of course, the first two are by “Il Maestro” himself Federico Fellini, so the bar here is set pretty high.

Federico Fellini for Campari

Federico Fellini for Barilla

Gerald Massimei for Illy Coffee

Sky Cinema Classics

Coloreria Italia Detergent

And this one’s just plain funny.


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  1. Sorry for some of the dead video links – you just can’t count on YouTube to leave things up. I’ll try to keep checking back and make sure they continue to work.

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