The Ciaoenrico Get Rich off Seminars Seminar!

John Wayne Airport - Terminal

Ciaoenrico is an expert at everything. He is currently some guy with a blog and owns a suit.

So you’re pretty good at some element of Internet marketing, but you aren’t a household name, and you just don’t have enough ideas, patience, or talent to actually write a book or start your own company.

What do you do!?!

Finally, I have the answer for you. Seminars!

We live in an age where anyone is an expert as long as they have a group of people listening to them. Thanks to sites like The Linkedin, you too can have a group of attentive – and paying – listeners!

And I will give you all of the secrets to creating your own seminar, at my seminar. For a paultry $150 dollars, ($130 if you are a SEMPO member,)

I will teach you the tricks of:

  • Picking great seminar subject matter such as social media, social media or the always popular social media!
  • Using success stories of other people to cover your own lack of success stories!
  • How using bullet points that end in exclamation points give the illusion that something new will be shared!

If you’ve ever had your company eat the expense of a seminar, you know how easy it is to defend going to one for “continued education.” They foot the bill, you get some free food, and hear a speaker tell you things you could have read in their blog. Wouldn’t it be great if you too could harness the energy (read as: cash) of other professionals similarly interested in showing their managers they’re keeping up to date on something?

Don’t ask what people will pay to listen to at a public speaking engagement anymore – instead, ask what won’t people pay to hear!

At the Ciaoenrico Get Rich off Seminars Seminar, I will teach you the importance of:

  • Creating PowerPoint presentations filled with the exact same text you’ll be speaking anyway
  • How to include a picture of yourself in your seminar promotions so people know how you look in a suit!
  • Forging a Robert Scoble quote to help validate your less than existent status as an expert!

And so much more!

The first ten attendees will receive an electronic bauble as yet to be determined! So sign up today!

Ciaoenrico really knows his stuff, and I really mean that, and I am totally Robert Scoble.

– Robert Scoble


  1. You could be the next Tony Robbins, only without the creepy gigantism. And who the hell is this Scoble felow?

  2. It’s all fun and games… until somebody gets sued!
    In the spirit of “community” I’m going to let you do your seminar, however we’re going to partner & I’ll let you talk me up at my seminar. We’ll tell our clients they must attend the other seminar to be more well rounded. Just make sure they enter the right code so I get my kickback!

    After all, I’m the Everyone must have an approved twitter photo or they are not legit! 😉


    1. Agreed – at each of our Seminar seminars we’ll both talk about how the other one is great and knowledgeable and has The Right Stuff… then shake our heads “no,” and mouth the word, “asshole.”

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