Breaks are Good

I’ve taken the last week off from blogging. I will be starting my new job next week, and decided I would use this remaining time to study their product and marketing strategy, and also to enjoy some remaining time off. Being unemployed is a lot more enjoyable when you see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Beyond that, I didn’t want to write blog posts simply to put them up. I have to wonder at people who write their own blogs that don’t ever take time off. If you have a staff that posts to the blog, fine – but if it’s all on you, you need to take time away from it now and again or your blog will suffer.

People who have never written for a living but now keep a blog often confuse writing with typing. Sure, you can sling a bunch of words onto a blog, publish it, and call it a day. But the ideas you come up with to share can’t be engaging if you don’t care what you’re saying, or don’t have anything new for your readers.

Being interesting isn’t a matter of luck. It’s a matter of actually being interesting.

If you want to blog, now and again you need to give it a rest.

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