Blogs are Codependant


That phrase – this post’s title – was another morsel of interesting phrasing from this week’s Phoenix Wordcamp. Brent Spore said this during his his “Designing for WordPress” presentation. You know, the more I think about what I took away from this year’s WordPress, the more I realize I was more interested in discussions of content creation than I was in designing or tools or plug-ins.

But I’m a writer, so I would be.

But so what? Let’s get back to this codependency statement. If you want to have a blog, for whatever reason, you need to post to it regularly. Not once a week, or as often as you can get to it – but constantly. A lot of blogs start out with someone excited about the idea of putting out their ideas and exchanging them with others, only to eventually fall off the horse and forget about it completely.

And I have to admit, I fell into this this month. Having just started my new job, I haven’t had the time to dedicate to “Ciao, Enrico” like I did when I was blissfully unemployed. And it shows in my search rankings.

I regularly Google “ciaoenrico” to see how my blog is faring for this one unique phrase. Seeing how I do for “seo” or “small business marketing” is useless, since there are so many other phrases to compete with. On this, though, I am usually the winner, since Enrico Berlinguer never blogged.

This week I noticed a significant drop in this site’s ranking, from first place to fifth. That’s not a bad fall, but a fair sized one. Usually, if you have the keyword right there in your URL, or in this case, when the keyword practically is the URL, it should score first in a Google SERP. But it has dropped to fifth place, behind my Twitter and Friendfeed and Flickr accounts, and even my old LiveJournal blog, which I hardly ever use anymore.

Why? Because I ignored this bitch for too long. This may be the flagship for “ciaoenrico,” but Google cares about the most current, up-to-date content source for the things it places first. My FriendFeed profile gets new stuff added to it whenever I sneeze, so it makes sense it’s all the way up there.

I’ve said before I’m all in favor of taking breaks from your blog when you need it. Search placement isn’t everything, and if you come back fresh you can get back to seriously writing and getting that ground back. But be careful: Laziness tends to become a habit if you let it, and then your hard work will go down the drain.

I’m going to get serious about this blog for the next couple of weeks again. (Thanks for the inspiration, Phoenix Wordcamp!) Then we’ll see if those rankings go back up!

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  1. UPDATE: Two posts later, and I’m back to #1 for “ciaoenrico.” It doesn’t take much to come back from a minor lapse in dedication to your blog, but it gets worse the longer you leave it alone.

    It’s kind of like working out: You can always undo the damage, but it takes longer the more time you stay off the treadmill.

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