True to their word, Google adds Twitter results to search

Today I found Twitter results in Google’s SERPs, and I have to┬ácongratulate┬áthem on coming up with a smart way to post this stuff:

Google Streams Twitter Results

A lot of people I know – including myself, whom I’ve known longer than anyone – thought that when Google announced they’d include this information, it was insane. It seemed if individual Tweets were given the same weight as web pages, nothing would stem the tide of spam that would result.

As you can see here, though, the results are held in their own result area. Here tweets flow past in real time, they don’t appear alongside the other pages Google has found. (In this case, for AT&T.)

It also creates a much stronger defense of posting REGULARLY to Twitter, as older posts will float by quickly. Of course, if you’re the only one talking about your product, your tweets should stay visible here for quite a while. If you sell basketball shoes on the other hand, this probably won’t do you much good.

I’ll be interested to see if they roll this out for all search, not just major brands. Two years ago when Google said “integrated search” was the church all we SEOs would soon be praying at, they only did it for select searches. As a result, integrated search was nice, but hardly anything professionals needed to worry too much about.

If they maintain the same attitude with this, only giving Twitter results for Darth Vader, Nosferatu and their intellectual father Steve Balmer, this will be a fun gimmick for brands that don’t need the help, and make smaller ones justifiably envious.

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