Blue Tooth Douchbag

My friend Brian came up with the blog, “Blue Tooth Douchebag” – a cry in the dark against people who wear those awful earpieces in public. Every day there’s some new photo of a douchebag wearing a bluetooth, taken by one of his readers/supporters. (I’m proud to say I got one in too – I’ve framed it and hung it up on my non-existent digital wall.)

My submission to BTDB - I didn't get paid, but I am leeching off the bandwidth by posting this.

Each picture has a smart-ass write up, and everyone’s invited to pile onto the unfortunate cretin wearing the offending electronics. The reason the site works, I think, is that by now most of us have had to tolerate these people. It’s disturbing to share an elevator with someone talking into the Borg implant coming out of their head, pretending their talking into the air is none of our business. Most people find these people targets for our derision, and BTDB fulfills that need for us.

Beyond that, BTDB shows that all you need is a good idea and the willingness to commit to it. This was all started with a single idea, but it didn’t just appear from the ether with a “pop.” Serious work was put into the layout, and it’s been around long enough for word-of-mouth to spread.

Most importantly, IT GETS UPDATED ALL THE TIME. If you want your blog to take off, you have to post to it all of the time. I’ll admit – I’m bad at this myself. I’m nowhere near as prolific as the blogs I’m going to do write-ups of this week. I think I lack ambition.

Anyway, look the site over and have some laughs. Then take notes. I know someone out there has an idea for a “Rude Customer Service Blog,” a “Children in Public Wigging Out Blog,” or a “How Does this Doofus get a Girlfriend This Hot Blog.”

You can definitely make your idea work. All that matters is that it be a good idea, and you commit to it.

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