Learning to Post through Travel Blogging

Tonya on the Monorail - February 2009

I’ll be heading to Orlando for the week for a nice vacation with my girlfriend. It’s been a year since we went, and in that time a LOT has changed. I’m just happy everything has turned out so well for me.

(Not to sound trite if you’re looking for work right now, but remember: Sometimes losing your job can lead to the best opportunity of your life.)

Unfortunately, this also means I probably won’t be blogging this week. At least not about SEO, social media, marketing, PR… all those things I love quipping about on here.

Instead, my Girlfriend and I will be posting about our trip on our separate travel blog, 20 Pounds of Disney. We’ll put up all our videos and pictures here, as well as some tips on how to make a trip like this happen. (My girlfriend works for the travel industry, and is a pagan god of putting deals together. If I told you how little this trip cost, you’d weep openly.)

Still, since I brought it up, travel is always a great excuse to learn blogging if you’re new to it. (Hey! I’ve got a social media post brewing in me after all!)

A lot of people know they want to create a blog for their business or to have something more to show employers than a resume and a Linkedin profile. The problem is learning the habit of blogging. When you travel, though, you see all sorts of new things worth telling others about. Having something you’re excited about is a great excuse to post.

Besides that, your friends and family are a built in audience. You know you’re going to ambush them with your pictures and your stories when you get back. If you blog about it, you don’t have to – and they can look and read whenever they damn well feel like it. Everybody wins!

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