Emails always need an unsubscribe button

I can always tell how short my media reach is by how often I tell people they MUST have an unsubscribe button on their e-mails, only to see people continue not including one.

Dear Atkins - Leave me alone. I haven't been interested since 2003.

The idea that you don’t need an unsubscribe button because, “if they don’t want these e-mails, they can simply log in and change their e-mail settings,” is bad for your campaign. Never mind that you’re making it harder to stop getting your e-mails; forget that the people in question aren’t interested, potential customers you’re insisting on bothering.

The only thing you need to know is this: It is far easier for people to report your e-mail as spam then go to your site and update their settings.

I do not care how important your e-mails are, or how much you stamp your feet shouting, “but it’s not spam! IT’S REAL, REAL IMPORTANT!” No matter what you’re sending, with the click of a single button I can dump your e-mail, and inform my mail server that everything you send is crap.

If that doesn’t scare you, this should: When enough mail servers learn that your e-mails are reported as spam, all e-mails you send will eventually be dumped in people’s junk mail folder. Even the people who ARE interested in what you sell won’t see your mails, because it will be assumed these are just more garbage. Then you’ll be deleted along with so many e-mails for free music downloads and “viagicra.”

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