Twitter Basics

I just got back from the Isagenix Social Media Road Show in Atlanta, teaching the people there the importance of using social media to build their small businesses. It’s really fun spreading the word like that: Gathering a lot of people who know it’s something they need to start using, and are open to learning.

Something a lot of us who work with social every day probably don’t realize is how non-mainstream these tools are. We use Twitter and Facebook every day, so we forget that there’s a learning curve to “getting” how to use them effectively. has this great video on the basics of Twitter that I recommend for anyone starting on the site. It’s also something that would be useful if you’ve got clients you’re trying to get Tweeting.

You can’t actually Tweet for someone else, in my opinion. You can train them on the tools, and show them the best ways to get something out of it – but the only way it really works is if someone gets on themselves and is willing to share a part of themselves.

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