Quality is Viral

I’m a stickler for quality. Where people are always trying to find the secret to viral content, I point out that viral content is always good content. You can’t get millions of YouTube views by trickery, you have to get there by creating something people want to see.

Case in point: Old Spice’s “Manmercial”:

In one month it has received 4.8 million views. Yes, it’s also on TV. But how many people go to YouTube just to watch a commercial they’ve seen on TV? I worked at an agency that made several awful TV commercials, and none of them got more than 1000 views over the course of years.

No, people come to see this commercial because it’s entertaining. The reason there’s so little video that’s viral is because this takes intelligence, creativity, and a great idea.

If you’re hoping to get millions of views for your video, stop trying to game the system. Just get a good idea.


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