Is there a new Digg on the horizon?

Digg is now displaying this:

new Digg

It’s a pretty standard afair after that, you give them your e-mail, they send you a confirmation, they’ll let you know when they’re up and running, blah blah blah. But what can they be up to?

They need to be up to something, that’s for sure. Digg has become all but unusable in the last couple of years, unless you like posting links that no one will ever see. There is a tiny percentage of users who get stories viewed widely, and this happens through a very tedious gaming of the Digg system.

The reward for doing this is that their stories appear on the front page of the site, which itself has millions of passive visitors. So if you can get enough “diggs” of your post to get┬áplaced here, you can get a wealth of traffic. The problem here is that none of this traffic is terribly good for anything. You get a view, and if the user doesn’t bounce right out, it stays just long enough to read what you read and leave anyway.

So either you get no views of your post, or you get views from people who don’t care. So it’s a great site for 100 or so people who’ve spent their lives cultivating Digg-power. The rest of us are left cold. It’s become the perfect place for the on-line voyeur, who wants to see neat stuff and add nothing to it.

Doesn’t all that sound GREAT!?! You can’t take part, people who read don’t take part, and the top users, while they get a lot of traffic, don’t get quality traffic and have to sacrifice dating and showers to get there.

So you’re damn right if you think I’m interested in what they’re changing! If they’re accepting that the way the site’s been running is slowly killing it, and they’re going to work to change it, this could be a very good thing.

Or not. If they have all this traffic and they’re going to change the way they do business, they could cut their own throats. If they’re only being coy about a simple site or usability redesign, they don’t recognize their central problem and it won’t help them.

I burn with curiosity to see what they have up their sleeves.


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