Easy Tip for Getting More Twitter Followers

If you’re new to Twitter, you may be doing what most people do when they realize they need to put together their own network by hand: Follow a lot of people, and hope some of them follow you back. If this is where you are, here’s a suggestion that will help you get more followers.

First, every time you go out to follow more people, first write five incredible tweets. They should be about you, but interesting. They can be links to funny videos, news stories, some outlandish opinion, or a RT of something great you found from some one else. Just make sure there’s five, and that they come close to defining who you are.

You want to do this because, when you follow someone, they will see this and look at your Twitter page in response. If they like what they see, they’ll follow you – which is the whole point of all this work you’ve been doing.

When they get to your Twitter page, if all they see are links to your blog, or posts submitted automatically by a feed or API, they will think, “this person is not interesting enough to follow. I’m moving on.” After that, you’re likely to never see them again.

You could unfollow them, and then refollow them so they get another notification and come look at you, but that’s obnoxious. It’s also likely to get this person to block you permanently from their account. They won’t see or hear from you on Twitter, and if you get enough of these Twitter will suspend your account.

So instead, just write funny, interesting, engaging, sticky posts, then go to Twellow.com or other Twitter users’ followers to find people. When they see that you post often, and that what you post is worth reading, you stand a much better chance of adding them to your little circle.


  1. 5 is probably the ideal target for keeping things interesting when trying to get reciprocal followers. 3 the minimum, and ALL of them the obvious ideal. I personally check the first three, then if I’m undecided skim the rest of the front page to see if the person who just followed me is legit or some kind of marketroid jerk or robot.

  2. I know – in a perfect world, interesting people are just interesting, and others end up following them. I guess this kind of advice wouldn’t be necessary if the majority of people on Twitter used it because they liked it, and not to round up traffic to send to their site. But hey… it’s a marketing blog, so… whatcha gonna do?

  3. Thanks for this great article highlighting how to get GENUINE followers… not just I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine followers. I hate that strategy of just adding as many followers as you can. Super ineffective. Sure, over time the numbers will look impressive but you’re not going to have TRUE followers who are actually reading what you have to tweet. Who wants that? Don’t people want followers who mildly care about what they have to say?

    Good, sound advice. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lauren!

      I think a lot of people scrape for followers because they think a follow count is THE most important way to prove to themselves that Twitter is working for them. Of course, we know better.

      Wouldn’t it be great if, along with the count of followers and lists, Twitter posted some kind of engagement ratio? That way we could all tell at a glance, “sure, this profile’s got 80,000 followers – but there’s no conversation!”

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