Need a ticket for Ignite Phoenix?

If you want to get to Tuesday’s Ignite Phoenix #6 but you’re short one ticket, then this is for you! It’s the:

Ciaoenrico Validate my Desperation for an Ignite Phoenix #6 Ticket Contest!

All you need to do is tell me why you need a ticket to Ignite Phoenix so badly. Submissions – in the form of comments to this post – must be creative, funny, and desperate.

Bribes are totally acceptable. Remember, you’re desperate.

Since I am presenting that night, I get two tickets for the event. I am required to use one ticket for myself, so I can have a place to sit when I’m done.

But my Girlfriend isn’t interested, so I’ve got this extra to give. Since I don’t want to be “that guy” who sells it on Craigslist, I’m instead parlaying it for some comments!

I’ll pick a winner Monday night, and e-mail that person with the details.

And remember, bribes are totally acceptable.


  1. I need one ticket because…

    I have a date tonight with a tech-savvy girl, and I’m desperate for something better to do with her than build model robots or play a taiko drum. What could be better than seeing sock puppets rap about the economy (taxes BOO). I’m desperate to show this girl that I’m not a bluetooth douchebag. I impress her by explaining to her where we go when we die.

    I only need one, and trust me. I’m desperate.

    1. Sorry, Adam – the ticket has been spoken for now.

      Which is a real drag, because you would have won hands down. Unfortunately, since no one else entered by last night, I called the whole thing off. Sorry.

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