My Social Media Book

There are a lot of books on the market about how to succeed at social media. Everyone’s writing one these days, and I want to cash in!

Early draft of my book cover

Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple that are definitely worth reading. GroundSwell and Naked Conversations are two stand-outs, as they have relevant information that ages well.

But there are a lot more of these books, and it seems a new one comes out every week. They largely say the same thing: It’s not about the tools it’s about engagement, you can’t give up, you need to head off bad comments at the pass…

And so say all of us. Still, if ALL of these books say the same thing, and so few of them rise to the top to be the book you have to have on your bookshelf, why is there a new one being published all of the time?

More importantly, how I am I going to make all that juicy book money for myself?

I think I have the answer: I’m going to write the first How to write your social media expert book!

Here’s how it will go: I will spend the first two chapters setting up my particular expertise. In particular, I’ll show you how to use the first chapter to spell out, “why you have to read this book!” See, people in bookstores typically leaf through the first chapter to decide if they’re going to buy it or not. If you can successfully scare the potential reader in the store with what will happen if he doesn’t take charge of his social media presence, and use your brilliant example to do so, you’ve got him! (I say “him” because, frankly, women tend to read more, and are therefore a lot harder to bullshit.)

Then I’ll write about how you need to write about other companies, and how they’ve used social media to do business: Dell, Zappos… Blendtec, of course, and Ford as well. You write a whole chapter for each company, and all you need to do is read all of the news stories and interviews that already exist on line. Perfect!

Finally, I’ll teach you how to call out other companies that should use┬ásocial media, but don’t. Domino’s, Starbuck’s, Burger King… oh, wait, all of these companies do have social media presences now. That’s kind of the problem with writing one of these books, each example you try to use of a company that doesn’t, “get it,” likely will before your tome goes to press. This will require a whole new chapter on, “Write the chapter where you bust on other companies last.”

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