Old Media is Still Relevant

I hear about “New Media” a lot in my circles. It kind of suggests there’s an “Old Media” that comes with it. I think this confuses what’s really out there. It’s really a choice between established and unestablished media.

So this is just a quick reminder that as important as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and blogging are to communication and publishing, you still just can’t beat huge, established media. Case in point:

A bunch of college kids with a Flip Video didn’t shoot Iron Man 2 – a great big studio with a lot of money did.

Similarly, while revenues for the evening news and newspapers are falling like nobody’s business, they’re still far more trustworthy news sources than some blog written by God knows who.

People may be getting cheaper and lazier about where they get their news, but the alternatives they’re choosing are not better. If I need to know more about yesterday’s stock market crash, I’m going to look for it in the Wall Street Journal – not Fred’s-Amazing-Financial-Blog.com.

And yes, I do get the irony that WSJ has a website for me to link to. What choice do they have? Fred, on the other hand, is a failed stock analyst with a Blogger.com account. (Who I made up.)

Also, while a Facebook Fan Page is a great way to engage people who may be on Facebook anyway, nothing’s going to grab the interest of consumers who just didn’t see you coming like an ad on television.

Think about it – how concerned were you with Old Spice before you saw this? TV commercials may be an expensive way to hopefully get someone’s attention, but what you’re really paying for are the eyeballs of people who didn’t know they needed what you have.


  1. LOL – you’re right, that was poorly worded. If you look at the Old Spice Facebook Fan Page, though, there are a ton of people who are now “into” them. (Presumably because they can’t smell how awful Old Spice is.)

    Thanks for the compliment! It’s greatly appreciated!

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