Adobe Flash is trying to Ruin your Children – Apparently.

I don’t typically post about other people’s posts, as it always feels like making Hamburger Helper without any hamburger. But I just read Ryan Tate’s e-mail exchange with Steve Jobs over the iPad, and how it’s inability to use Flash is some kind of benefit to the world. Particularly, in the way it saves the children from porn.

The line that I keep coming back to is, “you might care more about porn when you have kids.”

The short version of the article is that Jobs was defending the decision to exclude Adobe Flash from this new MacToy in order to “protect children.” The “protect children” is the most cynical argument anyone can use, because there’s little defense against it. “If you disagree with my position, you must be against children.”

The truth is that Apple wants to control web content, period. This is the reason they are developing their own Flash alternative: So they can have the same approval authority over content they currently have through the iTunes Store.

My personal feeling is that the world does not need to protect children from porn – PARENTS need to protect children from porn. I have had enough of people who chose to spawn telling the rest of the world what they must and must not do, because they are unable to keep their brood from learning about it. If you want to keep junior innocent, lock him in his room and don’t give him Internet access. Not a realistic solution, granted – but you’re the one who decided to have a child, so you figure out something better.

Ultimately, I don’t care whether or not the iPad has Flash, nor whether Apple succeeds in removing all those pictures of Britney Spears’ crotch from Google Image Search. I’m neither a porn hound nor an Apple devotee – the outcome of all this is beyond me. It is their platform, they can do what they want with it. Flash is the most widely used method of adding interactivity to a web page – if hobbling a new technology is what they want to do, I wish them luck.

I only hope they don’t start pushing the, “In the name of Children” line of defense for their actions. It’s disingenuous, and leads far too many parents on a censorship crusade that, frankly, the rest of us find annoying.

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