SlyDial – My new favorite phone app

I just tried out the phone app SlyDial, and I think I’ve just found my new best friend. Finally, a phone app that encourages my passive-aggressive behavior!

slydial phone app

See, I just had to call my trainer to cancel a session for this weekend. Why? I’ve been lazy all week, and if I go in there without having done anything, the assault on my muscles is going to kill me.

So I needed to cancel, but I didn’t want to talk to him directly, lest he ask me why, and I’m forced to admit I have the motivation of a middle aged Gen-Xer, which is true. No adult wants to feel like they’re getting scolded by their grade school teacher again, whether they were wrong or not.

Enter SlyDial. The idea behind the Slydial phone app is pure genius: Rather than call someone and have to actually talk to them, you can bypass their phone’s ringer and go directly to their voicemail. This way you can pass along the information you need to get to them, (“I need to cancel this Saturday’s workout, let’s meet again later in the week,”) without having to hear their response!

Passive-aggressive? You betcha! There’s a reason passive-aggressive behavior is so popular these days, and that’s because other people are aggressive-aggressive, and can therefore get you to do things you don’t want to do when you’re actually talking to them.

Think how you might use it. What if you’re going out drinking after work with your co-workers, and you need to let your husband/wife know. But you know they’ll probably get mad, or invite themselves along. Instead you can use SlyDial to get them word that you’ll be home late, (like you agreed the last time you didn’t and got yelled at,) but without having to justify yourself or get permission!

It’s available on Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and, of course, the iPhone.


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