A breakdown of social media sites

For everyone still new to social media, I decided a quick run down of the big and almost but not quite big sites would be useful. I listed them with how I use them:

Twitter – Self promotion
Facebook – Family and close friends
Friendfeed – Chatting up smart people
Blog – Self promotion with explanations
Google Reader – Saving articles I always intend to read but don’t
Linkedin – Impressing future employers
StumbleUpon – Random neat stuff
Delicious – My neat stuff
Foursquare – Illusion of achievement
Brightkite – Self promotion, but with pictures!
Blip.FM – Free music without jail time
Digg – Like Google Reader, but with self promotion
Flickr – Hosting pics for all these other sites
12seconds – Self promotion no one will ever see

Jaiku, plurk, Mixx, Picasa – Absolutely nothing. Only weirdos still use these. Weirdos and people in The Philippines.


    1. Thanks for the comment! And it isn’t just you, I think it’s everyone’s approach. What other option do we have to self promote though? No one seems to read press releases anymore.

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