The joy of losing your cell phone

I forgot my cell phone at work over the Independence Day weekend. I didn’t realize until Saturday, but when I did I got panicy. First because I thought I might have to replace it, but then because no one could get in touch with me.

Cell Phone Hate

No phone calls, no texts, no e-mail, no work e-mail, nothing.

It was Sunday before I realized, you know, life is better in a lot of ways when you don’t have your cell phone around.

Sure, there’s a lot of utility to all those apps, and sometimes people really need to get a hold of you. On the other hand, I found I don’t really need any apps to go on about my business – particularly when I’m on a three-day weekend.

As for people not being able to get a hold of me, that’s a real blessing. It isn’t until they can’t call you up you find how nice it is to not have to answer the phone.

I think the reason is all this technology is making me feel too connected. I wonder how many other people feel the same way – that would be a good poll for someone to create. (Which means I probably should.)

How long have you gone without your phone? Without checking into Facebook? Twitter?

I’ve been a fan of the smart phone for a while, keep in mind. It’s like the PDA I had 10 years ago, but I can make calls on it. But I’m thinking I need to cut that tether a bit. Being this connected just doesn’t feel right anymore.


  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I put mine in a drawer three or four months ago and it feels great. If someone can’t reach me, they can leave a message and I get to get back to them when it’s convenient. There are drawbacks to not having one, but it also makes life a lot more peaceful.

  2. I sometimes take a deliberate iPhone break for just these reasons. The most annoying thing is when people get upset with you for daring to be unavailable!
    My advice is to simply decide to turn it off every now and then.

    1. I think I’ll start posting office hours, when I am available.

      Wow – that’d be a great app for someone to make!

      And with that, the issue comes full circle. 🙂

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