Stealth Pessimism in McDonald’s New Commercial

I love commercials where I just KNOW the creators snuck in some hidden negativity!

Listen for the kid 10.5 seconds in:

“I don’t see any hope?” In a commercial for Happy Meals and Ronald McDonald House? That’s so brilliant! How someone could have snuck this past so many committees and reviews without anyone catching it… I just love it. The image of a copywriter hidden in the back of the Creative Department, drunkenly giggling at sneaking this in does my heart good.

And for the record, it worked – after seeing this, I swear to God, my Girlfriend and I went to McDonald’s. That’s two conversions, McDonald’s! Mark us down!

And give that smart ass at your agency a raise!

One comment

  1. i’m so glad you posted this! i’ve looked everywhere for this video. i always laugh so hard when i see that little girl. i’ve searched for the video to send to my mother. thanks!

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