Idea for iTunes Ping

Ping, please feel free to steal this idea. It’s a good one, mostly because it isn’t entirely mine.

There are far too share options for Ping, which is just one of its many problems.

An easy way around this? Give me a tool to share with my community what I’m listening to. See, I just started listening to Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate,” which is all kinds of awesome, and I don’t think all of my friends have heard it.

So it would be a great feature if in fashion (which is why I say it isn’t entirely my idea) I could let others see what I’m listening to now

Seeing as how you are very interested in smearing each post with your promotional feces so everyone buys more iTunes downloads, you could give the option for people to link to the song/album when they post about it.

If you managed to install RSS feeds in it, we could then cross post this to our Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, or even (Where you really should more involved in, if you’re really in it to sell more music.)

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