Call of Duty: Black Ops Commercial

This is the commercial to the latest Call of Duty video game. And yes, that’s Jimmy Kimmel breaking out the RPG.

This is an entertaining commercial, but I’m not sure it’s great for the game. For starters, they never show the actual game. Not doing so isn’t like a commercial for a movie where you don’t show a frame of it, it’s EXACTLY like a commercial for a movie where you don’t show a frame of it.

I think the reasoning is that everyone’s played a game like this before, so there’s no new story in the graphics or gameplay. Instead, the online multiplayer lets you duke it out with other boring strangers like yourselves. (In my opinion online multiplayer is a joke, something game designers put in to distract you from their inability to construct levels and AI on their own, so they leave it to the community to try and make it fun. Which it rarely is. But that’s just me, has nothing to do with the commercial really – I’ll move on.)

The idea behind it is, while you have a boring life and a crap job, this game will help you escape that and blow things up. Of course, it also reminds you you probably have a boring life and a crap job.

It is a fun commercial, though. I have to give it up to them for actually making something that’s fun to watch. I don’t know how many more units they’ll move because of this, though. If you like these kinds of games, you’re already going to be buying this. If you’re not, or you don’t have a system, is this really going to get you to invest in it?


  1. Ultimately the Call of Duty brand is a very str0ng one. And thankfully so, for they already know they’ll sell a bazillion games and that gives their advertising guys the freedom to play with the format. I dig this commercial a lot, and only wish they had opted out of the celebrity cameos. That is the one thing that pulled me out of it. Yes, regular people play Call of Duty: Black Ops and get to blow shit up. That is awesome. Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant play, too? Awwwww… they’re just like us. Please. Give me the guy from the diner throwing dual pistols aside anyday, or the girl who just blasted the bunker door hinges with her shotgun who has that tell-tale grin on her face. It is a subtle message, but one that appeals to me way more than just a bunch of shots from the game. A+.

    1. Like I said, it’s entertaining – and I’m glad too that someone was actually creative in a television ad finally. By the end of it, though, I was more interested in seeing more of this commercial’s set up (yes, including the line cook with the John Woo thing going on!) than I was in playing the game. Hell, I still want to see a show of real people trying to kill each other with small arms and explosives.

      I got it! “Survivor: Lebanon!” No, wait – “The Real World: Nigeria!” Either way, just as long as you have real people killing each other. C’mon, that would kick the bejesus out of any stupid video game!

      Oh! Oh! “The Real Housewives of Mogadishu!”

  2. Or they could just make a game called “Celebrity Death Island: Battle Royale” in which celebrities of varying degrees of fame are dumped onto a remote island with limited weapons caches and the winner is the one left standing. The charity of their choice gets $1-million. How fun would it be to see Angelina Jolie kill an army of celebrities to give the money to Doctors Beyond Borders? Answer: A LOT.

  3. See? We’re already coming up with better, more violent alternatives to a shooter with poor level design and an over-reliance on online multiplayer! You wouldn’t need to show footage of that show either! You could just run white titles on black backgrounds that read:

    “Angelina Jolie sneaks up on Jessica Simpson, shoots the back of her head with a 45, blowing her face completely off. This season after, How I Met Your Mother.

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