It’s official: iPhone 4 to be sold by Verizon

After months of speculation and years of wishing, a provider other than AT&T will be selling the Apple iPhone 4. The phones will be available February 10th, with pre-orders starting on the 4th.

iPhone on Verizon

I think everyone kind of saw this coming, frankly. As I’ve often said, I’m not an Apple person, but I do see the appeal and they do make quality electronics – so I’ve never, ever understood what they were doing lashing their oars to AT&T – arguably the worst cell phone provider in America.

When Verizon started offering data plans for the iPad late last year, the writing was on the wall that Apple had found a new partner.

This is actually what should happen with every handset: A device – or versions of the same device – that can be used on multiple carriers. Think about that, the idea of buying the actual phone you want, then deciding on the carrier you want. This is the way it works in Europe, and they’re very happy with it.

I chalk that up as another win for Socialism, myself. Because in free market America, the carriers essentially hijack handsets, forcing you to take their contract in order to get the technology you want. Never mind the iPhone – what if Sprint has the best Android phone in your opinion, but you want Verizon’s coverage. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to switch the two up?

Of course, this didn’t happen and isn’t likely to anytime soon. This industry knows what side it’s proprietary contracts are buttered on. What I’m interested in is seeing how long it takes for AT&T to finally get chased out of the cell phone service market.

My money is on AT&T selling their provider interests to some Korean company that gives it a shiney new name and brand image. This would be great, because Korean’s don’t mess around – they’ll also fire those morons that have been running AT&T, replacing them with some very serious people in management.

People who, for example, would have never screwed up Apple so badly they’d eventually leave.


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