Apple iPad’s strange photo for Facetime

When the iPad 2 was announced this month, Apple put together a micro site of features and pictures of all the neat doo-dads it comes with. On one of those pages, I found this awesome picture:

ipad 2

The picture was on the page touting Facetime, Apple’s re-branding strategy where they rename webcam chat and call it innovation.

But it also showcases how the iPad now comes in black AND white.

So is it just me, or do the choices of clip art models for each color tablet seem a little… I don’t know what – either “weird” or “obvious” comes to mind. Why would they put the black model on the screen of the black iPad, and the white model on the white one? I’m all for diversity – and if the pictures had been switched, I don’t know that I would have noticed anything.

There isn’t anything wrong with the choices of models in the photo, except it does elicit the idea that Facetime changes the color of your iPad depending on the race of the person you’re talking to.

Oh okay, no it doesn’t. I know, I’m being silly stupid. I frankly don’t care about their choices in photos – and it could just be a coincidence, sure. But isn’t this something someone would have caught eventually? Especially at Apple?


  1. I’m going even further than ‘silly’ and pronounce this as ‘stupid’. Not to be one of those horrible internet people, but that is a face-palmingly moronic observation to make in anything other than jest.

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