What I love about.me

If you’re digitally hip, you’ve likely heard of this site before – about.me.

But if you’re normal, you haven’t. Normal people don’t care about things like this. They just care about e-mail and Facebook at best. Twitter is one of those dumb things you hate because you can’t get into it. QR codes seem designed to make you feel inadequate because you can’t even install Angry Birds onto your phone without throwing it across the room, much less a QR scanner.

The truth is, though, that’s why about.me is such a perfect site for the technically challenged: It is an online business card that introduces you to anyone who lands on it.¬†It’s less of a “social networking” site than it is a social networking Hamburger Helper – it accentuates what you’re doing, but doesn’t add anything to the content.

Okay, bad¬†metaphor. Moving on…

I'm an SEO, a blogger and a zombie killer.

About.me works because it’s easy to get, easy to use, easy to understand. AOL recently bought them, I think because they see the potential behind the online business card and want to grab it up before it becomes expensive.

If you’re a tech geek, it’s great because you can show the various profiles you have on other sites like WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, Linkedin, whatever.

For the luddites in the audience, (see how the word “luddite” is underlined and/or colored differently depending on your browser preferences? That’s because it’s a link – if you’re a luddite, you can click on it to find out what you are!) about.me is easy to use and easy to understand. You simply plug in the URLs of the sites you’re on and like into the profile when you sign up. When you need to add a page link to yourself somewhere, if you don’t have a blog or site of your own, you can leave your about.me page in it’s place.

This is my own about.me page. This took about 10 minutes to sign up, and as you can see it has links to a LOT of different profiles on the web. While it gives me a lot of options for modifying the look, the majority of the screen is whatever picture I want to upload to it. I like that too – it means I get to dominate the look of my page. Where Facebook dictates the entire look of the page, and WordPress practically requires a Master’s degree in tedious coding to make it pretty, all about.me needs is a picture.

Finally, it’s a lot less obnoxious sharing an about.me page than it is a lead gen form or a blog on social media profiles. Sure, you don’t get all the traffic from your profile link to your blog – that’s a strike against it. But if you’re more into sharing your real life with people, you look less like a desperate marketer and more like an actual, real life person.

Check it out – it’s very cool stuff.


  1. After reading your article, I tried out about.me. I usually do consider myself digitally hip, but I hadn’t heard of it before. I got it right away. We have analytic measurements for our web sites. Why not for all of our online activity. It’s a great idea.
    I spent some time messing around with the authorizations for the different services, but I was a little disappointed at the things I couldn’t change. For example, my blog’s logo was stuck as the WordPress logo rather than my favicon.
    It is a great idea, but not for me. I already have analytics for my site, so I cancelled my account already and resolved to create my own “about me” page within the next few days.

    Vince Aggrippino
    a.k.a. Ghodmode

  2. Glad I could hip you to something new all the same – and thanks for the reply!

    I’m a little miffed myself that there’s no control over the icons. That would be such an easy fix, I’m surprised they don’t allow for it. Maybe they just don’t want to host the new images – I dunno. They have to realize that if someone shares a blog (I believe there’s a similar issue with Tumblr) that we’d want to share ourselves, not our blog platform.

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