Why you aren’t as big on YouTube as Sony Ericsson

If you’re a marketing manager for a huge corporation that has no views on its YouTube page at all, you may be wondering, “Hey – how can I get some of that YouTube magic to rub off on me?”

Below are four video commercials on YouTube for the Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, starring Kristen Schaal.

These commercials are funny, short, and frankly anyone with talent could have made them (if only talent were easy to come by) because there’s not much production to them.

Now, it’s very likely your corporate communications strategy won’t let you do things like this in anything, much less a video available on YouTube.

That’s why you CANNOT get some of that YouTube magic to rub off on you: Because your corporate blah-blah-bladity-blah is dedicated to bland content. The company line is that you love being completely boring so much you want to marry it and have its goddamn babies.

You don’t suck by some freak of nature – you suck on purpose. And no amount of professionally produced advertising is going to change that.

If you want to be noticed on YouTube, you are going to have to up your game at least as much as what appears above.

I’m just sayin’.

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