Bad Creative in an actual Facebook ad

Look at this:

If it “gives men flat abs,” why is there a picture of a hot chick in the ad? Am I to believe this isn’t really a hot chick, but a man? If it’s a man, there’s no way I’m going to do this little known ab exercise, because I don’t want to look like a chick when I’m done! That must be what’s so damn “strange” about the video they want me to watch!

What’s more likely is someone created an ad for something targeting men, and cynically knew men pay more attention to ads with hot chicks in them than pictures of other guys who got results using the product.

Fair enough – this ad probably performs better than another one with the same copy, and a picture of some guy’s ripped stomach.

It doesn’t really matter either way – I don’t click on those Facebook ads any more than, say, anyone else on the planet does. So it will ultimately remain a mystery to us all.

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