Got my GetGlue Stickers

Some of my GetGlue stickers

If you’re into checking into meaningless places or posting meaningless posts, GenGlue is probably for you. The short of it is you check in when you’re watching a show or movie or listening to music or reading a book… I suppose to let people know what you’re into. There isn’t much to it.

But, they do something great: They give you stickers for your check-ins. And I don’t mean digital stickers – electronic baubles that give you limited bragging rights but are otherwise nothing. I mean, they are that, but when you get enough of the electronic kind of stickers, they will actually send you copies of those stickers – as actual stickers!

I just got my pile from them, and they’re very high quality. I was expecting paper with glue on one side, printed with a four color ink jet. No, these definitely cost some money. And yet I wasn’t charged for them. I wasn’t even charged shipping!

It’s a great, fun incentive for using their site, and I applaud them for it. Granted, I got all of mine by gaming the system and taking advantage of the lack of verification check-ins require. (As if I’d actually pay money to go to a theater and watch, “The Lincoln Lawyer” – yeah, right!)

But it is a great idea, and there’s a lesson here: Giveaways keep people coming back to your site. Even if they’re brigands like me.


  1. I just sniff glue. It accomplishes pretty much the same thing. But stickers? Good on ya! You can put them on your Trapper Keeper.

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