Twitter finally updates character count when shortening links

One of the biggest pains for me in Twitter is typing out a message, then inserting a link, and being told it is now way over the 140 character limit. This always seemed idiotic, since Twitter and I both know they will shorten my link once I move to publish it.

In Blackjack, when you’re holding an ace and you get hit a card that would normally make you bust, the value of the ace goes from 11 to 1. Why can’t Twitter employ that kind of logic?

Well, apparently now they do. Here’s a tweet I wrote:

Twitter Links 1

As you can see, I should only be able to fit another 26 characters into this tweet. Before, if I put in a particularly long URL, it would refuse to let me publish.

Twitter links 2

Now, when I pop in a particularly long URL, (79 characters to be exact, or 53 characters longer than it should allow) Twitter determins the character length of what it is going to shorten my link down to, and that’s reflected in the character count.

Thanks for getting around to this, Twitter!

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