Why Social Media is bad for Blogging

Don’t get me wrong – social media is great for promoting blog posts. And given how many posts are written about social media these days, there wouldn’t be much to write about without Facebook and Twitter and G+ and everyone’s ideas of what constitutes “important” with all these sites.

The problem is with there being so many ways to share something simply, a blogger can loose steam. If every interesting thought you have is pushed out in less than 140 characters, you aren’t going to put in the work to spell it out in a full post.

The same is true of personal blogs. Why write out 300 words of why your day is going great if you can just make a quick quip, and attach a funny picture you found?

As I see it, part of the problem is everyone feels a responsibility to be entertaining. It’s high school all over again, where we want to be popular by posting the kind of things that get reshared and retweeted and get us more followers.

I’ve definitely fallen into this trap – especially now that Google Plus is on the scene. That is the point of social media, of course. It isn’t for broadcasting long ideas, but socializing. If you’re using all of your best ideas just socializing, though, you don’t have anything left to blog about.

So if you’re trying to blog, cut down on the fun time with friends and research a topic, or share an opinion with explanations of why you’re right.

That’s what I’m going to start doing anyway.

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