Talkin’ bout SEO again!

I’m back to doing SEO for a living, I am happy to report. After a few years chasing the dream of “social media,” it’s nice to be able to get back to real work: Getting online businesses to appear in search, and make money because of it.

Here’s the thing with social media: When it started to take the world by storm, marketing types decided this would be the best way to sell stuff. After all, if all the people were gathering at Facebook, then Facebook is where you need to go to bother people into buying whatever it was they were selling.

The problem is people don’t go to social media to buy things – they go there to talk to their friends and families. That doesn’t stop most online marketing people, of course, because the majority of them don’t own the businesses they promote. They can make all these tweets and posts and then say, “See? We’ve done something to promote the business! We’ve earned our pay!”

Search marketing’s a whole different beast. You can prove pretty easily that what you do to optimize a website for search is working – through the improved rankings, yes, but also through the increased traffic to a site, conversions from that traffic, sign-ups to e-mail lists… all that great stuff businesses got websites for in the first place. Unfortunately for most marketers, this requires actual work, and skill, and accountability.

So now I get to go back to the work that made me love online in the first place: Making content people want to read and link to, so it gets a really good Google SERP listing. (And oh how I’ve missed writing that acronym!)

Last year I said I would stop writing about social media in this blog, mostly because everyone else already does, and it bores me. Now that I have search to worry about – and all the new and exciting changes going on with it – I expect I’ll have more to write about here.

If you haven’t read any of this stuff in a long time and forgot you subscribed, I won’t be insulted if you unsubscribe now. After all, you must have forgotten about this site by now. I haven’t posted anything in what, five months?

If you stick around, I promise to have more interesting and insightful stuff about something that really can help your business succeed online. Because that’s what I’m good at. 🙂

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