Blinkyproducitons – Quick things that will help

Made a new friend on Twitter, who made a drink rooted in my geekiness.

In return, I offered some SEO suggestions for her site, Now, there’s a ton more that could be done for the site to help it get more traffic. But these are the really easy and highly effective first things you can do to get more search visibility. Really.

1) Move your site to a hosted version of WordPress instead of the free version. There are a ton of great apps that can help you optimize your pages there.

Bear in mind, I’m totally guilty of using the free WordPress solution for myself – but that’s only because I’m not really using this blog to run a business from. So I don’t need all the bells and whistles you get from the paid version.

2) Let pages break. If the page scrolls down and down and is one big, long page, you’re missing out on getting other pages indexed. The more pages you have, the more pages you can optimize.

3) Don’t mask the domain over every page. Right now, every page of the site is “” If you let every page be found individually, like, again, you’ll have more pages that can get indexed. The more pages indexed, the more potential searches people will do to get to your site.

4) Optimize your pages. Look at what they’re “about,” pick the keyword or keyphrase that represents that page, then use that word or phrase in the page’s Title, Description, URL, and a heading on the page – usually marked with an <H1> tag in the page’s code. Use that word or phrase to name and alt tag any images you use on that page. The idea is to think of how people do searches for the products or services you offer.

So for, you might optimize for the phrase, “video production services.” In that case you’d change the title of the page to something like, “Video Production Services –,” the title to, “Binky Productions offers multiple services that are sure to satisfy your requirements as well as respect your budget’s needs,” and the URL to And that bold “Services” on the page could just be changed to “Video Production Services.”

5) Set up an e-mail subscription services. This is crazy easy to do. You can go to Feedburner, which is free, or spend a couple of dollars for something like, which gives you more options. Either way, sign up. Plug in the information from your RSS feed, and it will give you code to put on your site so people can sign up for e-mails whenever you post something new. Each time you get people to subscribe to your blog, that’s more people reading. You can actually get more Facebook “Likes” from your e-mails than you ever could from a Facebook business page, just because subscribers would share stuff on their own.

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