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Twitter Redesign doesn’t show Posting Source

I really want to like Twitter’s redesign. It does a lot of things I like, and I know I have a bad habit of finding the bad side of most anything.

Unfortunately, the redesign does remove a post’s source, and this is a big, big problem for me.

I know it sounds minor, but it isn’t. I’ve posted at length on this blog about discarding potential followers because they use autoposting services for their tweets – particularly the Twitter API itself. On the old Twitter page they look like this:

I don’t have many, if any followers that use the Twitter API, because I unfollow them as fast as I find them. But here is someone who uses Twitterfeed, which helps users commit the same sin: Auto posting from a feed.

Auto posting is a way to continuously have content pouring into your Twitter profile, so that you never have to read anyone else’s posts. It’s an acceptable tool if it’s part of your overall posting strategy, but if you only want to import stories, you aren’t really on Twitter.

And I shouldn’t have to put up with you.

With the redesign, you can’t simply see how people are creating their posts. As such, if I suspect someone has created a dummy profile connected to a feed, I need to research them further. Is every post a story with a link? Do they ever respond to anyone? Does anyone retweet them? If the answer is yes, no and no, then they’re gone.

But I should be able to do that at a glance. If the post source didn’t keep people honest, it at least gave me a tool to get rid of spammers. If that’s gone, the people who do this will flourish – and Twitter will become more and more noise without conversations.

Twitter, please, put this feature back into the redesign. Believe me, those of us who are sensitive to this kind of misuse and do something about it are only helping you.