dm whacker

DM Whacker – A Tool for Deleting all of your Twitter Direct Messages

I get way too many direct messages on Twitter – and there’s few of them I actually read. I’ve posted in the past about the annoyance of Twitter auto-responder messages. For some reason, people still feel the need to auto reply to anyone who follows them with something like:

“Thanks for the follow! Now read my blog!”

As if we followed this person for the sole purpose of helping them increase the number of views of their site. I’m surprised I haven’t heard someone go that step further and ask me to click on an ad because, “I have car payments, dick!”

I’ve found a great solution for this though: DM Whacker is a great way to delete ALL of your instant messages. Now keep reading, there are some instructions.

1) Go here to get the DM Whacker bookmarklet. Drag it into your browser’s toolbar.

2) Go to Twitter and sign in. While this tool really does work, it was made before Twitter’s layout update – so you’ll want to switch back to the old layout.

3) Once you’ve done that, click on the link in your toolbar. It will likely ask you if it can go to your messages. Click that “ok” button.

If you look on your right rail, you’ll see this:

The fields are pretty self-explanatory. You can either delete all of your DMs, or you can just delete DMs from a specific user. If you’ve got an active Twitter stalker, the latter is for you. But I get hit-and-run DMs from all of those dummies who read some blog post telling them to DM anyone who followed them. So I select “all dm’s.”

And a quick aside to the developer – it’s “all dms,” not “all dm’s.” That¬†apostrophe is only necessary if you’re going on to say, “all dm’s on your profile are trash and need to be destroyed.” “All dms,” however, means all of your direct messages.

Anyway, if you also want to delete all of the DMs you’ve sent, check that box too. If you have a TrueTwit account, you’ve likely got hundreds of those. Also, shame on you for making people verify themselves. There aren’t THAT many Twitter bots out there you should be allowed to pester people who’ve been kind enough to show interest in you. I had to set up an account with them just to get all these messages to stop. Hypocritical? You betcha. Still, when TrueTwit wins, everybody looses.

Anyway again, you can also delete DMs with specific keywords in it, like, say, “TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here.” Then it will only kill those specific messages.

It would be nice if you could tell the app to delete all messages except¬†those from specific users, but how badly do you really need your favorite DMs? If the person who wrote you was really that heartfelt, they’d have sent you a real letter. Or at least posted it to your Facebook Wall.

Because really, while DMs are supposed to be an easy way to get a quick, private message off to one of your followers, it’s been perverted by too many. Twitter isn’t going to do anything about it, so you may as well.