microsoft bing front page

What’s wrong with Bing’s front page

By now, you’ve likely seen the front page images for – here’s one:

Personally I love this. It’s something different every day, and it draws you in to learn more about whatever they’re showing. The images have square links on them with bits of trivia, and invite you to click through to learn more.

The problem is what they link to. In this case, the link for “What do Windmills do?” just loads a search page for “windmills.” Sure, I can probably find out more about the pangolin’s tongue if I continue to some of these resulting pages, but there isn’t a clear answer waiting for me on the other side of the first link.

If effort has been put into getting me interested in the question asked, not giving me a clear answer is a betrayal. The moment I see I’m not going to get more useful information, I will back out. It’s a strangely bad mistake for a search engine to make.

Similarly, if you have links on your site or ads that promises to provide specific information, you need to give your answer to it immediately. Paid search ads that read, “How will you lose 30 lbs by Summer?” must have that specific answer on their landing pages, since that’s a big reason people clicked on the ad.

If people don’t see it, they’ll bounce out and possibly find someone else who has that answer.