Podcast Player for Facebook Realized

After a series of unhelpful posts trying to find information on how to include podcasts in a Facebook page, we finally have success! See the Isagenix Podcast Tab on our Facebook Fan Page here!

Podcast Facebook

We are now able to share four of our podcasts on our Facebook Fan Page. While we have been sharing these on iTunes for a while, and the RSS feed is available for whatever reader people like to use, the majority of people who come to it are not web savvy enough to use either easily.

But because Facebook is so easy to use, it is the perfect platform for introducing them to our audience.

The key was in accessing Facebook’s default media player. With this we were able to plug in the podcast’s feed. Our Facebook designer is freakin’ brilliant for figuring this out. I understand the what, but don’t ask me about the how (I’m just an SEO and a marketer, you know.)

I’m glad we were able to get this running, though, as Facebook – despite it’s flaws – is the most mainstream platform for content today. Podcasts, while undoubtedly popular, still have a learning curve to them that makes them difficult for the uninitiated to jump into. With this, hopefully, we can start making converts.

I will let you know how it goes. If you get your podcast up and running on Facebook, let me know where so we can all come see it! And if you want the particulars of how this was achieved, let me know that too and I’ll see if our designer has some time to lay it out.

Podcast Player for Facebook Pages Continued

[Update: Since posting this, I’ve started employing Blip.fm to serve podcasts on Facebook Fan Pages. Here is the latest post covering how to do this.]

It’s been a few days since I posted, but I’ve seriously been up to my ears in work. The last week alone has been a fight to the death with Google Analytics to get it to do what I want… and I’m not the one that’s dead. So I should have more on that later.

I’ve also been doing battle with Facebook, trying to find out why they don’t crawl a blog’s feed the way they say they will. Again, more of that anon.

Right now, though, I have more on the continuing saga of getting a podcast to show up in a Facebook Fan Page WITH a flash player. It’s been an ordeal.

So here’s where I’m at: I took the various feeds from our podcasts, and put them on FriendFeed. (I love Friendfeed – I wish IT had been the one to be everyone’s sweetheart the way Facebook is, but whatcha gonna do?) Anyway, I put all those feeds together on our FriendFeed page, and using search pulled them all together into one place:


So now I have a page full of podcasts, all with a Flash player courtesy of Friendfeed.

Then I put a “&format=atom” at the end of it, making it work as a feed. You can see that jumbled mess here:


Unfortunately, Facebook does not accept this feed as coming from a “personal blog.” Since Facebook actually owns Friendfeed, it isn’t a stretch to assume they’ll know what Friendfeed content looks like. There may be a fix here in plugging this feed into a blog like, say, WordPress, then plugging the WordPress feed into Facebook. (I haven’t tried this – yet.) Facebook will see that feed as coming from a personal blog, surely. The question is if the Flash player will survive. We shall see.

After being unable to get the feed to plug into Facebook, I did plug the podcast feeds into Google Reader. Facebook is a lot more friendly with Google Reader, and GR does also have it’s own version of a Flash player.

I found Facebook’s Google Reader interface tool, and this time was able to get the feeds plugged into a test page – however, their Flash player didn’t come with the posts. So again, no joy.

Maybe this is all a fool’s errand, since I never seem to see any podcasts posted to Facebook with a player. But it is the most convenient way to share this information with people, and given the fact that Blip.fm posts do manage to get a player at least onto my profile, I’m going to keep plugging away at this until I either succeed, or Facebook finally says, “oh okay! Here’s your damn Facebook Fan Page media player!”

In other words, another fight to the death.