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Podcast Player for Facebook Pages Continued

[Update: Since posting this, I’ve started employing to serve podcasts on Facebook Fan Pages. Here is the latest post covering how to do this.]

It’s been a few days since I posted, but I’ve seriously been up to my ears in work. The last week alone has been a fight to the death with Google Analytics to get it to do what I want… and I’m not the one that’s dead. So I should have more on that later.

I’ve also been doing battle with Facebook, trying to find out why they don’t crawl a blog’s feed the way they say they will. Again, more of that anon.

Right now, though, I have more on the continuing saga of getting a podcast to show up in a Facebook Fan Page WITH a flash player. It’s been an ordeal.

So here’s where I’m at: I took the various feeds from our podcasts, and put them on FriendFeed. (I love Friendfeed – I wish IT had been the one to be everyone’s sweetheart the way Facebook is, but whatcha gonna do?) Anyway, I put all those feeds together on our FriendFeed page, and using search pulled them all together into one place:

So now I have a page full of podcasts, all with a Flash player courtesy of Friendfeed.

Then I put a “&format=atom” at the end of it, making it work as a feed. You can see that jumbled mess here:

Unfortunately, Facebook does not accept this feed as coming from a “personal blog.” Since Facebook actually owns Friendfeed, it isn’t a stretch to assume they’ll know what Friendfeed content looks like. There may be a fix here in plugging this feed into a blog like, say, WordPress, then plugging the WordPress feed into Facebook. (I haven’t tried this – yet.) Facebook will see that feed as coming from a personal blog, surely. The question is if the Flash player will survive. We shall see.

After being unable to get the feed to plug into Facebook, I did plug the podcast feeds into Google Reader. Facebook is a lot more friendly with Google Reader, and GR does also have it’s own version of a Flash player.

I found Facebook’s Google Reader interface tool, and this time was able to get the feeds plugged into a test page – however, their Flash player didn’t come with the posts. So again, no joy.

Maybe this is all a fool’s errand, since I never seem to see any podcasts posted to Facebook with a player. But it is the most convenient way to share this information with people, and given the fact that posts do manage to get a player at least onto my profile, I’m going to keep plugging away at this until I either succeed, or Facebook finally says, “oh okay! Here’s your damn Facebook Fan Page media player!”

In other words, another fight to the death.