twitter lists

Lists make Twitter Manageable

At this weekend’s Isagenix Social Media Road Show I got to talk to a lot of people who understood Facebook, but just couldn’t wrap their heads around Twitter.

Which I totally understand. For the longest time I couldn’t get into Twitter because who can read all of those posts? I ultimately decided I wasn’t supposed to – it was just there to sample stuff as it came in, and hope something in there was worth reading.

Then Twitter came out with lists, and I could finally compartmentalize the people I was following. Here’s how it works:

You have a slew of friends, but let’s say you want to be able to sort out only the ones you work with.

You go to that person’s profile. Select this button:

Since this is the first time you’ll be creating a list, select “New List.” You’ll be given a chance to name the list and give a description.

Now that you have the list, you can add all the other people you work with to that list. Then you can add all of your high school friends you know on Twitter to another list. And another for your bowling team, another for the famous people you want to follow… you can make as many lists as you want. When you’re done, you’ll see them on the right rail of your profile.

Now, whenever you ONLY want to see posts by one group of your friends or another, they’re all right there. Simple!